** Community Center Playground Donations Requested **

Hello Everyone,
Because we are not doing our Easter program this year, instead of your donating a basket to us, please consider sending the $15 or whatever amount you would spend to help us REACH OUR GOAL so we can purchase a new playground for the children who come to our center.

There are no parks or safe and fun places for these kids to play. Nothing within a few miles. No place for them to walk to and most families do not have cars. None of the housing or apartments near our center have any type of swing sets or play equipment for the neighborhood kids.

When I am at our community center on Saturdays and I look around and see like 20-50 kids running around, playing, laughing, happy, feeling great, I wonder where they would be if we were not there! They would probably be hanging out on the streets, perhaps smoking, experimenting with drugs, painting graffiti, etc. ??

The current playground we have is in really bad shape. It’s at least 15-20 years old and has been out in the hot, Phoenix sun (rotting) for that long. It’s time for a new one. Please click the link below if you can help. (THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking the time to read it and even if you can donate just a dollar, that is a dollar closer to our goal and I appreciate it very much.)

Donate to Phoenix Children's Project Playground

Phoenix Children's Project on the news!

We were recently featured on CBS 5 news, please check out the video below by clicking on it (opens in new window):

Mission Statement

Phoenix Children's Project is dedicated to improving the lives of children living in poverty in Phoenix, Arizona. Our goal is to help these children become healthy, self-reliant adults. First we help feed and clothe them; then we teach them how to help themselves so they can break the chain and create better lives for themselves as adults. In turn the community benefits.

Who we help

We help children living below poverty level in the Metro Phoenix area. Most of these children live in government housing and come from households with a total annual income of less than $9,000. They are well loved and happy children.

  • Childrens ages range from 0-16 years
  • Most come from single-parent homes with four or more siblings

How we help

Phoenix Children's Project assists in providing food, clothing and shelter for poverty-stricken children. We also help provide everyday essentials and assist with unexpected needs such as utility assistance, medical, hygiene needs, school requirements, etc.

We are committed to helping the kids build self-esteem and self-worth because the rewards of this world are endless if children are confident in their capabilities. Our volunteers and mentors are positive role models who inspire and encourage these kids to focus on education and well-being. Many of these children have never been exposed to the simple things in life that you or I may take for granted such as going to the movies, or even walking through a mall. Seeing these things helps expand their horizons and helps them set goals.


In addition to providing necessities for survival, we are committed to helping the kids' build the tools they will need to become healthy and responsible, contributing adults.

We help teach them how they can change their own lives to be more productive adults. They can achieve all they want too if they believe in themselves, get good grades in school and know they are loved. The older kids can earn a trip to Disneyland or summer camp by getting good grades in school. The rewards of this world are endless if they are confident in their capabilities.

We will also help the parents learn to fend for themselves. We will "give them fish a few times" but then "we teach them to fish". We help the poor help themselves. Most of the parents of these kids are uneducated so how can they teach their kids these important things if no one taught them?

We also emphasize teaching the children manners which are important in getting ahead. Most of the parents haven't taught their children manners because they themselves don't understand the importance because again, no one taught them. This whole thing is just a vicious chain that needs to be broken.