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Phoenix Children’s Project Community Center (CC)  offers hope to children living in poverty by providing a safe environment in which to learn and play right in their own neighborhood. What was once an abandoned, crumbling duplex near downtown Phoenix has been transformed into an inviting community center for the children and their families. 

In addition to the Programs ran from this site, our Community Center serves as an anchor for the neighborhood and offers an array of services. Among those services offered, we provide hot lunches for the children every Saturday and when school in not in session, on other days as well. Without this service, many of these children would not eat lunch or perhaps any meal that day. The number of children coming to the center to partake in our services is constantly increasing, showing us the demanding need for our services. 

On Saturdays and even more frequently during the summer months (when school is not in session), Volunteers help the children do arts & craft projects, stay cool from the heat with ‘Water Days’ (slip and slides, sprinklers, water gun fights, water balloon races, etc.), as well as outside activities which keep these children active, stimulated and off the streets. There are no parks or recreation facilities in the area so our Community Center is an important part of this neighborhood. 

Many of the children that come to our Center view it as their home away from home. Sadly, there are no parks or safe places close by for these children to play and the apartment complexes where these kids live do not have any play areas whatsoever – just dirt and cement. Here the children can come and escape the problems at home (even if only for a short time) and be in a positive, re-assuring environment and just be a kid! With the support these children receive from the Center, nutritionally/physically/emotionally, we have seen many blossom and excel both school and life.


Our Accomplishments

   Thanks to the support and tremendous help of the Phoenix community and some local businesses, just some our accomplishments to date are:

  • We delivered over Christmas presents bringing our total to over 29,020 gifts and 435 holiday dinners to the children and their families,

  • We’ve provided new beds and bedding to over 75 children who otherwise would be sleeping on the floor or on an old couch,

  • Each winter we give children warm coats, hat and gloves,

  • New school uniforms, shoes, socks, underwear and supplies for 800 children,

  • Over 40 children have gone to summer camp in northern Arizona.  When some got older, they became Teen Summer Camp Counselors.

  • We arranged for many kids to have swim lessons and water safety classes through The City of Phoenix.

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