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2022 Program Rules and Guidelines

•    Total household income must be at or less than Federal Poverty Level standards/guidelines.
•    At least one child 16 yrs or younger must be living in the home and attending school regularly.
•    If you are disqualified for any reason, you must wait at least 6 months to reapply.

Program Rules
Important: Failure to adhere to the following guidelines can lead to disqualification from the program. Read each item carefully:
•    Drug use – Illegal drug use in the household or by household members will not be tolerated.

•    Employment – If two or more adults live at home, at least one must work and contribute financially to the household. We help those who help themselves. 

•    Picking Up Items – If you are scheduled to pick up an item from our office, you must show up at your appointment time. If you are not able to make the scheduled time, you must contact us at least two hours PRIOR to the appointment to let us know. Otherwise, you will forfeit your items and may be disqualified from receiving any future help. 

•    Food boxes – Each household may receive up to six emergency boxes per year, no more than two months in a row. 

•    Household/Hygiene Boxes – Each household may receive up to three household boxes per year, no more than two months in a row.

•    Diapers and other Programs – you may be asked to provide ID and other forms of proof.   

Family Matters Program
•    If you are in need of most ANYTHING, additional items, food boxes or household/hygiene boxes, you may work/volunteer at our community center from 11:00am-12:30pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.    You must sign up for this in advance.   

All our services are done by appointment only:   
Phoenix Children’s Project
1047 N. 28th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008

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